Member Organizations


The Buchanan Institute

University of Edinburgh, Scotland, UK

Founded in 2014 at the University of Edinburgh, The Buchanan Institute brings students together to develop insightful and impactful policy proposals. The Institute was founded the work of the sixteenth century historian and humanist George Buchanan, whose ideas played a significant role in the Scottish Reformation. The organization's aim is to elevate the public debate around issues our members are concerned with and to move politicians towards our carefully research solutions. The Institute is uniquely placed in such an intellectual capital where we can bring together politicians, businesses, and non-governmental organizations to mobilize our solutions. 


Cornell Roosevelt Institute

Cornell University, Ithaca, NY, USA

The Cornell Roosevelt Institute (CRI) was founded at Cornell University in 2012 to engender nuanced discourse about difficult policy issues, and brainstorm, analyze, and advocate for effective policy solutions. As an institution, CRI strives to extract data-driven, impartial analyses in order to inform legislative decisions, driving real-world impact by translating theoretical policy models into actionable advocacy efforts. As such, members write policy proposals for publication and complete policy advocacy and educational projects throughout their time with the institute. Each semester, CRI compiles a journal of policy proposals in the spirit of working to redefine the rules that guide our social and economic realities.

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The Paul Douglas Institute

University of Chicago, Chicago, IL, USA

Founded and based at the University of Chicago, the Paul Douglas Institute empowers students to independently influence public policy. The organization produces evidence-driven social science research that is rigorous, practical, and innovative. To ensure research is impactful and relevant, PDI works with nonprofits, government offices, and elected officials in Chicago and elsewhere. The organization's namesake follows after Senator Paul H. Douglas, a University of Chicago economist and U.S. Senator. Inspired by his life and work, PDI enables students to make an impact on the legislative process by applying their education to real-world questions.

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The Wilberforce Society

Cambridge University, Cambridge, UK

Founded in 2009 at the University of Cambridge, The Wilberforce Society was the first student-run think tank established in the UK. It was named after the Member of Parliament, Cambridge alumnus and abolitionist William Wilberforce. Its main work centres on the research, writing and publication of policy papers, which seek to provide well-informed and impartial analysis on, and tangible solutions to, pertinent issues. The policy papers serve as a focal point for mutual dialogue between students and frontline policymakers and have been presented in various legislative bodies, including the European Parliament. The Wilberforce Society also aims to promote intellectual debate across the University of Cambridge through our annual conference and panel events. Its work has received recognition from major news outlets, such as the Financial Times, and was specially commended at the Prospect Think Tank of the Year Awards in 2013.