Established in 2019, the Global Student Policy Alliance (GSPA) is an association of student-led think tanks from major universities from across the globe. Collectively, the memberships of these think tanks comprise hundreds of active and dedicated students keenly interested in public policy. 



Many of the world’s most pressing issues, such as climate change and US-Europe relations, are global in nature. The GSPA seeks to author and publish joint papers on these issues, capitalising on the variety of perspectives from policy think tanks across the world.


The founding members of the GSPA are The Wilberforce Society, University of Cambridge, The Paul Douglas Institute, University of Chicago, The Buchanan Institute, University of Edinburgh, The Roosevelt Institute, Cornell University. The Alliance distinguishes itself as the first student-led hub for knowledge synthesis that bridges the gaps between academia, policy research, and policy-making on global issues. We are also seeking to add new members representing a broader set of countries, and are hopeful this early collaboration between US and European organizations will quickly expand to other continents.

We believe our world can be improved through well-informed policy backed by evidence-driven research.

Our Mission

The GSPA seeks to create collaborative policy solutions through the diversity of its experiences and organizations. With a student-run, transnational perspective, the GSPA is uniquely situated to consider global issues in new and innovate ways.


Basil D Soufi, "United Nations General Assembly Hall," 2011

Our Impact

Our collective represents a group of student organizations that have passed legislation, implemented policy, and built relationships with government and civic society in multiple countries.